Flipkart Is Going To Start At A Discounted Cell, Up To Thousands Of Discounts On The Phone

  • The Big Shopping Day Cell will start from May 13 at Flipkart. This cell will last for 13-16 May ie four days. Flipkart has claimed that heavy discounts will be given on mobiles, gadgets, applications, fashion and other products as well as attractive offers.

  • On the Flipkart, Bajaj will offer a no-cost EMI on the basis of Bajaj Firozh Limited and credit card transaction, besides offering an option like EMI and Buy Now and Pay Letter on Debit Card Transaction.
  • This time the Games Corner will also be organized in Flipkart Big Shopping Days Cell. You can play a game here and can buy mobile and laptops at only 1 rupee. Along with this, you also have the opportunity to get 100% cashback during shopping at Flipkart Big Shopping Day Cell.

  • In this cell, discounts up to 80% will be given on laptops, cameras, power banks, tablets and other electronic gadgets. There is a discount of up to 70% on TV and other applications. Also some TV models will be sold in the flash cell. On the Flipkart Big Shoping Day Cell, many categories of mobile phones are available at the lowest price ever.
  • Flipkart will be given special offers to consumers who purchase mobile phones in Big Shopping Days Cell. According to a statement given by the company, many cell phones in this cell will be available at the lowest price so far.

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Government Offered Offer: 12 Pass Students Can Earn Up To Rs 10,000 In Vacation

Government Offered Offer: 12 Pass Students Can Earn Up To Rs 10,000 In Vacation

Government offered offer: 12 pass students can earn up to Rs 10,000 in vacation

  • If you pass a graduate, postgraduate or 12 pass, do not waste this summer vacation. Instead you can do something that can work for you in your career and get a little money. The Indian Post Office is giving this opportunity to the youth. Learn more about how you can take advantage of this internship.
  • Advantages:
  • Post department has offered internships to the youth. They will also be able to get information about the post office operations and other things. With this training, the post section will also give you 10,000 rupees.
  • The purpose of this internship is not to give jobs to the youth, but they will be able to get these training credits from job to business.
  • This can be done for internships till 15 May 2018. Internships that will start on 1st June.
  • If you want to apply, download this link and fill in the form filled in to the General Manager, BD & Direct Director, Post Offices, Parliament Street, New Delhi.

  • https://www.indiapost.gov.in

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75% grant for farmers to solar power pump.

75% grant for farmers to solar power pump.
75% grant for farmers to solar power pump.
The government is giving subsidy of up to 75 percent for solar power pump to farmers who surrender power connections. Farmers have to wait for many years for electricity connection, but now the new option has come for solar energy pump irrigation.
Grants will be given to those farmers whose names are included in the priority list of agricultural connections of Power Corporation. The farmers who also do not have agricultural electricity connections will also get the grant. But the grant will be 60 percent only. From such small marginal farmers, the garden department has asked for online application for grant on solar energy pump plant. Rakshishore Meena, assistant director of the garden department, told that the farmer will have to apply online for the installation of solar power pump. So far, more than 200 applications have been received. Grant will be given only if the farmer gets pump from three HP to five HP. Electricity Corporation's SE KS Sisodia said that the farmers who are coming to apply for not having electricity connection are being accepted.
The government has started the scheme for farmers who do not have electricity connection
Do not pay cash to the farmer to anyone: assistant director
Assistant Director Meena told that the farmers pay the bank through DD or RTGS. Farmers should not be confused in any way and do not pay cash to anyone. Significantly, farmers have to wait several years for agricultural connections. The reason for this is that the transformer is not available. In order to provide relief to the farmers in the electricity connection, the government has started granting the solar energy pump. District 8 thousand farmers are deprived of electricity connections and they have also applied.
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