Sport Desk, Vinesh Fogat Win Gold In Asian Games

Sport Desk, Vinesh Fogat Win Gold In Asian Games

Sports Desk: Vintage Phagate has given India the second gold medal in wrestling in the 18th Asian Games. Vineeth beat Japan's Eri Yuki 6-2 in the 50-kg freestyle final. She is the first Indian woman to win the gold medal in Asian Games. Earlier, Geetika Jakhade had performed best from India. Geetika won the silver medal in the 2006 Doha Asian Games.
Kaka Mahavir Phagate giving training
Mahavira Phagat of the village of Ballali of Dadri's Balali village gave an example of making his own daughters a wrestler. Not only did their daughters train them but they also gave their younger brothers' training to girls. One of them, Vinest Phagate, won the gold medal in Asian Games.
After the father's Murder became wrestler
Mahavir Phogat's younger brother, Rajpal, had landed due to dispute. After the death of his brother, he trained his two daughters Vinish and Priyanka.
Training was done at home only
Mahavir fogat started training Geeta and Babita by making the arena in their own home. Now he has made a professional wrestling hall in this place. The wrestling mat has been laid in this hall and a modern gym has been made. Where children come to learn wrestling. CCTV cameras are also installed in the hall.
The new house has become the place of old house
Mahavir Phagate has now built a new house in place of his old home. However, he still lives in the village. Mahavira Phagat has also become a dolong in Bollywood. In which Aamir Khan played the role of Mahavira Phagat.
Mahavira phagate had tweeted
Going to the festoon of Vannes Phagat, her father, Mahavir Phagate, tweeted, "Remember one thing that if the girl wins the gold medal, then Missal Bunny Gegegi and Missal De Jati Hai Bhulai Naahi Jatiya. Let's take the flag of our country to the top.

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