Bajrang Punia Win Fisrt Gold In Asian Game

Bajrang Punia Win Fisrt Gold In Asian Game
Sports Desk: Bajrang Piyia won the first gold medal on the first day of Asian Games. Bajrang Poonia defeated Japan's first-timer Diachchi 11-8 in the final of the 65-kg freestyle in the freestyle. With this, he has become India's ninth wrestler to win the gold medal in Asian Games. Bajrang Poonia dedicated this gold medal to former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee.
Bajrang Poonia gave gold to India in the 65 kg weight category in the Commonwealth Games played in Australia's Gold Coast this year. Earlier, it won the silver medal in the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games.
Wrestling started from the age of 7
India's representation in Bajrang free style wrestling, born in Haryana on January 26, 1994 in Hajima. Born in Jat family, Bajrang started wrestling only at the age of 7. For his wrestler, his father wanted that Bajrang became a successful wrestler. For him, he has supported Bajrang a lot since his childhood.
The father was left out of poverty because of the initiative
Bajrang Poonia is one of the talented players of today's day. Bajrang's father, Balwan Punia, was a well-known pioneer in his time, but Balwa had to leave his or her hobbies due to poverty and home responsibilities. Balwa started taking part in the competition in the eighth grade. Bullwan was forced to work on the field in the field due to the old and sick father before he could show the killer again. In the rehabilitation drive, Bajrang's father used to go on a bicycle instead of spending more money. Surviving rupee can get better diet from Bajrang. Bajrang can get ghee and lunar timely.
Bajrang Piyan has got Arjun Award
Bajrang Punia has been honored with the Arjuna Award in 2015. Bajrang Rei is winning the gold medal for India in the Asian Games.
News source : divya bhaskar.

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