7th Pay Commission: Central Employees Will Get Big Gifts, PM Modi Will Give Special Facility

7th pay commission: Central employees will get big gifts, PM Modi will give special facility
Central employees waiting for the implementation of the recommendation of the pay commission recommendation can get a special gift on the festival.
New Delhi: Central employees waiting for the implementation of the recommendations of the pay commission can get a special gift on the festival. It is hoped that the Modi government can open the option of foreign travel for central employees. According to sources, the central government will give central employees the option of going abroad under LTC. After a long thought, the government has accepted this proposal. This action of the government is being considered as an attempt to convince central employees in the next Lok Sabha elections. However, the government will determine which central employees can travel to which country. Initially, approval can be made in ten countries. According to DoPT, the time and place for which the facility will be available will be decided after PM Modi's direction.
Relationships will strengthen with other countries
According to the sources, the Ministry of External Affairs and the Department of Personnel and Training (DOTT) jointly prepared this proposal. According to the Foreign Ministry, this facility will strengthen India's relationship with the employees who will travel with the family in the country. It is here that there is a provision of providing holidays and cashless advances to the LTCs to recruit 50 lakh central employees. Yet, it was only for the country to get holidays.
Do not get daily allowance
Central employees will not get daily allowance under LTC. Under LTC, employees receive a ticket back. The DOPT has repeatedly said that the expenditure on domestic travel and any emergency costs will not be accepted under LTC. However, services such as premium or facility trains and immediate services are allowed under LTC.
The trip to these countries will be available in LTC
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MEA) has proposed to include Asian countries Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan under the LTC scheme in the proposed scheme. However, in addition to 5 countries, tour can be allowed. But that government will decide.
What is the government's target?
Officials said that the purpose of this measure is to raise the footprints of the strategically important Indian Central Asian region. Earlier in March, the government had said that they have postponed the proposal to allow its employees to travel to the countries in the LTC. To say that South Asian Union (SAARC) is a group of eight countries including Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka for regional cooperation.

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