Flipkart Is Going To Start At A Discounted Cell, Up To Thousands Of Discounts On The Phone

  • The Big Shopping Day Cell will start from May 13 at Flipkart. This cell will last for 13-16 May ie four days. Flipkart has claimed that heavy discounts will be given on mobiles, gadgets, applications, fashion and other products as well as attractive offers.

  • On the Flipkart, Bajaj will offer a no-cost EMI on the basis of Bajaj Firozh Limited and credit card transaction, besides offering an option like EMI and Buy Now and Pay Letter on Debit Card Transaction.
  • This time the Games Corner will also be organized in Flipkart Big Shopping Days Cell. You can play a game here and can buy mobile and laptops at only 1 rupee. Along with this, you also have the opportunity to get 100% cashback during shopping at Flipkart Big Shopping Day Cell.

  • In this cell, discounts up to 80% will be given on laptops, cameras, power banks, tablets and other electronic gadgets. There is a discount of up to 70% on TV and other applications. Also some TV models will be sold in the flash cell. On the Flipkart Big Shoping Day Cell, many categories of mobile phones are available at the lowest price ever.
  • Flipkart will be given special offers to consumers who purchase mobile phones in Big Shopping Days Cell. According to a statement given by the company, many cell phones in this cell will be available at the lowest price so far.

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