75% grant for farmers to solar power pump.

75% grant for farmers to solar power pump.
The government is giving subsidy of up to 75 percent for solar power pump to farmers who surrender power connections. Farmers have to wait for many years for electricity connection, but now the new option has come for solar energy pump irrigation.
Grants will be given to those farmers whose names are included in the priority list of agricultural connections of Power Corporation. The farmers who also do not have agricultural electricity connections will also get the grant. But the grant will be 60 percent only. From such small marginal farmers, the garden department has asked for online application for grant on solar energy pump plant. Rakshishore Meena, assistant director of the garden department, told that the farmer will have to apply online for the installation of solar power pump. So far, more than 200 applications have been received. Grant will be given only if the farmer gets pump from three HP to five HP. Electricity Corporation's SE KS Sisodia said that the farmers who are coming to apply for not having electricity connection are being accepted.
The government has started the scheme for farmers who do not have electricity connection
Do not pay cash to the farmer to anyone: assistant director
Assistant Director Meena told that the farmers pay the bank through DD or RTGS. Farmers should not be confused in any way and do not pay cash to anyone. Significantly, farmers have to wait several years for agricultural connections. The reason for this is that the transformer is not available. In order to provide relief to the farmers in the electricity connection, the government has started granting the solar energy pump. District 8 thousand farmers are deprived of electricity connections and they have also applied.
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