region-locked content, or more specifically the videos that aren't available in a particular country, are no longer the sort of nuisance that they used to be earlier. Nowadays, content creators have realised that it is futile to region-lock a video. But the problem still occasionally surfaces, particularly for something that is hot and trending. An example will be something like Grammy-nominated song or some other clip with unique music.

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So if you come across such region-locked videos, which are available in the US or UK, but are blocked in India, how do you watch it? The answer, as always, lies in using a proxy or VPN server, which allows you to use an IP address from outside India to access something. Earlier, this used to be a major problem. But now in 2016, access to a VPN or proxy has become very easy.

There are several methods to access a blocked video, article or even the full website, in India. But the easiest -- and free -- is the use of Opera.

Opera -- yes the same software that is also ran in the browser market -- is of late doing some innovative stuff. Sensing that a lot of people can benefit from a VPN, the browser now comes bundled with a free VPN inside it.
So to watch a blocked video on a laptop or desktop, all you need to do is:

-- Install latest version of Opera .

-- Once the app is installed, open it and toggle VPN through the VPN Button placed in the URL bar.
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